Ted Talk

How my Ted Talk stopped the world from travelling

Disclaimer of sorts…

I'm not your average travel blogger. I'm not doing paid for trips by tourist boards or hotel chains. What I write is not only my own thoughts, but also things I have spent my own money on. Places I have chosen to visit, and activities I have wanted to do.

I do have a weird fascination with business class lounges at airports, fancy hotels, Michelin restaurants and degustation dinners, Drinking all of the booze, Asia in general, tropical beaches, roadtrips to crazy destinations or in silly vehicles, and market shopping.

I travel with my stomach. So whatever I am craving, usually dictates my next destination. I have been known to fly myself internationally just for a snack. It sounds irresponsible, but when you want good Korean BBQ, sometimes you just have to go to the source!

I've been lucky enough to have travelled to around 120 countries so far, and I've been on the road since before iPhones existed. (Yes, there was a time!) I have travelled super budget spending $10 a day, and other times, spending hundreds of dollars a day.

I believe in balance, and I have no problem eating streetfood and living simply while I travel, only to suddenly spend half a months budget on a single Michelin dinner.

I am currently a super yacht chef, so I travel the world cooking for billionaires, celebrities and hedge fund analysts trying to impress their mistresses ;)

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