Dinner at the best paladar in Havana, Cuba

La Guarida paladar

The best paladar in Havana, if not all of Cuba has been enticing diners for over 20 years. Many people call it the best paladar in Havana. In fact, it is consistently in the number 1 spot on Tripadvisor as the best paladar in Havana, but often also, the best restaurant in Havana.

What makes La Guarida the best paladar in Havana Cuba?

La Guarida is affectionately called the Emblem of Havana for good reason. Most locals know it and can point you in the right direction easily. It has been around for so long and has always been popular. The architecture is gorgeous. You will end up spending time just taking beautiful photos inside the restaurant, so get to your booking early!

In 1993 it was a location for a famous Cuban movie called Fresa y Chocolate. It’s a rather dramatic movie about star crossed gay lovers. If you have seen the movie, you may recognise scenes from inside and outside the restaurant.

La Guarida’s menu

The menu items are varied at La Guarida. There will be something for everyone in your group. You might be happy to hear they do not serve peso pizzas! The food here is all fresh and international.

As you can see in the picture below, I was able to order sashimi-grade fish, while my travel companion had a local stew dish.

La Gaurida’s prices

You cannot expect to eat at the best paladar in Havana for cheap. It is a lot more expensive than what you would pay at a small mom and pop run joint in Old Town Havana. But of course, the food is of a much higher standard, and the staff are much more attentive.

For up to date prices, download the menu above. I took pictures of the entire food menu while I was there in May 2019. Prices may change a little by the time you read this, but I will try to keep it up to date as much as possible.

Expect to spend around $80usd for a starter and main for 2 people, with 1 drink, including a tip.

La Guarida’s drink menu

They had an extensive wine list, however, we stuck to beer, so I cannot comment on the prices or the quality. They did stock many international wines, but would only sell them by the bottle. From memory, they ran at around $40usd a bottle up to $100’s.

They of course stocked all of your favourite Cuban Rums. These are sold by the glass and at reasonable prices. You can also see in the menu download the prices of Whisky and their cocktail list. Most cocktails are $4, which is a reasonable price for a nice restaurant like this.

The rooftop bar

La Guarida has a rooftop bar open to diners but also guests who just want to watch the sunset with a nice cocktail. The prices are the same as the restaurant, but the view is incredible. Soak in the sun on one of three outdoor decks. The bar service on the rooftop is quick and attentive. It really is the perfect place to look over Havana with a fresh Mojito.

How to make a booking at La Guarida, Havana’s best Paladar?!

As you can imagine, this restaurant is super busy. Many guests will make their dinner reservations weeks in advance. And you should! The last thing you would want is to be disappointed because you missed out.

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