Getting veneers in Thailand

getting dental work done in Bangkok Thailand

Getting veneers in Thailand is a popular thing to do now. Veneers are often considered much cheaper to get done in Thailand as dentist prices soar in other countries. Why not combine your vacation with a bit of dentistry work?

The cost of Veneers in Thailand

When I first started looking into veneers, I was thinking of getting a full Hollywood smile. I had assumed veneers were super cheap and I could afford to get a whole mouth full of them for the price of one tooth in the US or Australia.

The price of veneers in Thailand is still considerably cheaper than in western countries.

I got two different quotes from two different dentists in Bangkok. I went with the more expensive dentist because I felt more comfortable in with their staff and dentists.

The cost for porcelain veneers was 15,000 Baht per tooth. I had my two front teeth done due to a bad chip in one of them.

Zoom whitening in Thailand

I also had a zoom teeth whitening done. This was to bring all of my teeth back to a nicer shade of white before fitting the veneers. Once veneers are fitted, the colour cannot be changed, so my dentist wanted to ensure my teeth were looking their best.

The cost of Zoom laser whitening at the same dentist was 10,000 Baht. I have seen the same tooth whitening treatment advertised in Bangkok for as cheap as 7,000 baht. So shop around if you are coming to Thailand just for whitening.

I assume, so long as the product is the same, the outcome will be the same no matter if you paid the higher or lower price. Just ensure the teeth whitening product is Zoom.

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Other dentistry in Bangkok

While in Bangkok, I also had a filling done, and my teeth cleaned. The filling was to replace an old one that was discoloured. The cost was 1,000 Baht. Super cheap compared to prices back home. I was very happy with the work done for that.

Cleaning was 1,500 Baht. Honestly, I have a feeling the dentist forgot to do it… Usually, a cleaning hurts a bit and they really get in there and rip your gums to bits. This didn’t happen this time. So honestly, I don’t know if they did it! I asked, and the dentist said she did, but I am surprised it didn’t hurt.

My whole face swelled up, and my lips ballooned. One of my veneered teeth was infected and sensitive. It was so painful!!!

Aftercare of the dentist in Thailand

I’ve been coming to Thailand for years getting things done (My boobs were Bangkok implants done over 20 years ago and still going strong!) so I am used to a high level of aftercare when having things done in Thailand.

I wouldn’t rate the aftercare so highly on this occasion.

The only way of contacting the dentist was to email the receptionist. Who would sometimes reply the same day, and other times take her sweet time to get back to me. I had some pretty bad reactions to the dental work.

Somehow I got an infection in the root of one of the teeth that were veneered. This all kicked off about a week after the treatment and I had left the country. I was in the Philippines and in total agony. Eventually, they replied and said to get some antibiotics- but that took them a week of me constantly emailing saying how much pain I was in, and surely that it wasn’t right.

The receptionist kept trying to tell me it was normal. Some nights the pain would wake me up and I would be in tears- this is NOT normal for me by the way!

I ended up going to 2 local dentists in the Philippines who helped me out in the end…

Thantakit International Dental Center

The dentist I went to in Bangkok to get my veneers done was Thantakit international dental center. They seem to target foreigners mostly. Every time I was in the waiting room, there were 80% tourists there to get dental work done.

They cover a wide range of dental treatments and the staff speak excellent English. I would go back to them because I think the prices are really good, and while the aftercare sucks, now I know.

The facilities were spotless and professional. I think I just had an unlucky run with the infection. Had it happened while I was in Bangkok still, I could have easily just popped back to the dentist to have them look at it. This might be something to consider if you are planning on getting dental work done while you are in Thailand on vacation. Add extra time afterwards for post-treatment if you require it.

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