Why you should get botox done in Thailand

Getting botox done in Thailand

So many people ask me “Why do you get Botox in Thailand?” followed by questions about safety and cleanliness. Bangkok is not a third world city, and the thriving metropolis has thousands of knowledgeable nurses and doctors who run beauty clinics offering Botox, fillers, and other less invasive procedures.

Botox in Thailand is popular

The first point about getting Botox in Thailand is that it is a popular beauty treatment.

This means, a lot of wealthy Thai women are getting it done too, which in turn means that the doctors giving botox must be good at what they do. The way I see it, no botox doctor wants to upset their high-end clientele who live locally and who will be very vocal to complain if they botox didn’t give a good result.

So my theory is, they do it often, so therefore they will be more skilled at it.

A very popular botox treatment in Asia is getting your jaw muscle relaxed to give your face more of a V shape. I actually considered getting this done because I have a horrible square jaw, but I was too scared. Next time.

Botox in Thailand is cheap

Well, not cheap, but it’s definitely cheaper for me to get Botox in Bangkok than it would be in Australia or the US.

The price for a full forehead freeze was 7,000 Baht. This is about $230 USD. The last time I had the same botox treatment done in Florida it was over $500 USD.

I’ve spent thousands on Botox, and this place has been the cheapest I have found.

Thailand offers Korean Botox

As a mid-thirty-year-old woman, I have had my fair share of botox experiences around the world. I have attended botox parties in London, had backyard botox in Florida and been to countless beauty salons around the world to get a few quick jabs in the face.

Every single one has taken about a week to kick in. Every single one was also “American Botox”. The price difference between American and Korean was almost HALF! So you bet I chose the Korean to test it out.

Within 2 days I could see the noticeable effects of the Korean botox, and I could feel it. I can’t say how long it lasts, but I’m very happy so far. I saved money and it worked quicker. What more could you want?

Yes, Getting botox in Bangkok is as safe as anywhere else

I mean, so long as you go to a decent beauty salon to get your botox, you should be fine. I probably wouldn’t go to a dirty dubious backyard botox joint in Bangkok, but that’s just me.

The clinic I went to was just by MBK in Siam, Bangkok. It was on the main road and would have had high rents. The salon was very clean and the staff not only spoke great English, but the doctor was also very knowledgeable. If anything, I booked there because I trusted the staff.

I was just a walk-in customer like I am for many of the beauty bookings that I make when I travel. I prefer to just walk in and judge the place before I lay my credit card down. This place passed all of my tests and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back there next time I am in Bangkok.

To book, or just to find out more, check out the salon on Medical Departures.

I think I’ll get the jaw botox next time too! It will complete my Bangkok Makeover quite well after the Hairdresser visit and laser hair removal!

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