Hotel Review: The Savoy hotel London Managed by Fairmont

Hotel Review: The Savoy hotel London Managed by Fairmont

Check-in has never been more seamless, I guess this is how the elite do it. Greeted at the door by a rather dapper top hat-wearing man (oh, how very English!) who asks your name while walking you through revolving doors and whisking your luggage away. “Don’t worry about it ma’am, they will be taken right to your room”.  Within seconds another attentive member of staff greets us and is introduced to us by the doorman- her stunning appearance would not have been missed on a catwalk anywhere, I would like to say “we felt at home immediately” but we did feel a smidge out-of-place.

The Savoy hotel London check in

The night before we had a last-minute change of plans and booked the Strand Palace (3 stars, well priced and right across the road) and sauntered over the street to The Savoy looking like a right pair of chavs. My partner was in ripped jeans (designer, but still..) and a footy shirt. I was rocking a pair of jeans that should have been washed a few days earlier but I hadn’t had a chance to, coupled with a new shirt from Primark. This is probably the cheapest clothing shop in the world- you would be hard-pressed to find an item sold there for more than $20.

We looked like Posh and Becks, you know before they were famous and still living on the estates.

The staff pretended not to notice, which I thought was nice. We were directed to the “reading room” to check-in, it was all very personalised, and exactly why you would pay a little extra to stay somewhere “nice”.

Outstanding amenities

The little extras were not unmissed for the duration of our stay.

The wardrobe had lighting inside that turned on with a motion sensor. Even if the door was left open for some time, the second I stepped near it, the light would go on. Details are what make a hotel like this (and honestly, I have yet to find fault with the Fairmont chain as a whole this is my third one as a guest and 4th to inspect, the level of service and attentional to details really is fantastic)

Other things to note were the writing desk complete with the usual pens, pencil, note pads and envelopes. They also provided the cables for internet connection, regular USB and a multi-adapter. I saw an Ipod dock and a Savoy Branded Umbrella for those rainy London days. Next to the beds lay note pads and more pencils (in case you have lucid dreams and need to write them down?) and a jewellery setting tray (for the ladies).

My habit of “souvineeering” toiletries was only exaggerated by the fact there were two housekeeping services a day. If I ‘happened’ to misplace the shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, bath salts, and body lotion minutes after checking in, it was replaced only a few hours later. I now have excess baggage, but will smell amazing for weeks to come!

The Savoy hotel London
The Savoy London Strawberries

The room itself was actually gasp-worthy! The general tones were gold and cream which screamed old-world London, and exactly what I wanted to see. The dark wood was accented by gilded door handles, while the bathroom took on a slightly art deco edge as a nod to the hotel’s past. The black and white interior with marble flooring was well at home with the rest of the room.

The windows looked out onto the courtyard complete with faux green grass to look as if the area was maintained. Let’s be honest, if you have paid $700 a night, the last thing you want to open your windows to is a dirty roof and pipework, so they did ‘good’ there.

The Savoy hotel London
Savoy London Lead in Room
The Savoy hotel London
Savoy London bathroom

In regards to the rest of the hotel, yes, it was fabulous.

Cocktails in the lounge of The Savoy hotel London

We had a few cocktails in the American Bar, the staff were attentive but perhaps could have asked us a little more frequently if we would like another cocktail as we did sober up between them (ghastly, I know) the ambience was laid back and the obvious bragging about its previous guests was well received. It is good enough for Liza Millini, it’s good enough for me!

Would I pay $500+ for a night there again? If I can afford it. I thought the Fairmont Chateau in Whistler was something special, but I do see a degree or service here that I haven’t seen before, and appreciate immensely. The history associated with the hotel was widely acknowledged and its past was stamped all over it. Loved it!

the savoy hotel london
The Savoy hotel London
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