Airline Review: Emirates A380 Business class

Airline Review: Emirates A380 Business class

Flight Booked: London to Dubai return.

Seats: “honeymoon” centre seats both ways, as I was travelling with a friend.

 Emirates business class meals
Emirates business class meals

Check in to the A380 Emirates Flight

Checking in at Heathrow was as seamless as you would expect for a business class traveller, however, the business class lounge seemed a little “lacking” compared to their hub cities lounge. I guess for such a major city, I expected more?

Space on board the A380

My travel buddy and I sat in seats next to each other in the centre of the plane. There was a privacy screen for those who want it . It is usually kept up if a stranger is next to you. The seats are flatbeds, and long enough for the tallest traveller to lay in comfortably. I’m 5’10 and managed to still have ample room. My friend is 5’7 and could have squeezed a second person down by her feet no problem!

emirates A380 business class tv and foot rest
Emirates A380 business class tv and footrest

The additional storage space was a welcome relief, my winter boots could be removed for the long flight and stored out of sight in the footrest. My laptop had its own area next to me, right by the plug to keep it charged. And right in front of the all-important mini bar! It was restocked with juices and cola, but for anything harder, we had to head to the private bar down the back of the plane.

emirates business class mini bar at your seat
Emirates business class mini bar at your seat

The business class menu on the Emirates A380

The A380 was roomy and filled with light, and it was quiet and comfortable. A few wines in, and a nap was in order! Meals on board were fantastic, with a menu with plenty of options. The food came out well presented and as tasty as you’d expect from airline food. Of course much better than economy meals!

emirates business class entree
emirates business class entree

The bar area at the back of the business class is used exclusively for those in business. First-class have their own bar! The seating area was a welcome relief to stretch my legs. I was also able to chat to fellow travellers (my friend promptly fell asleep on take off, leaving me to amuse myself!) The staff were superb mixing up cocktails and serving nibbles for the duration of the flight.

Would I fly business class again? Of course! The sheer comfort of the A380 and the exceptional service of the Emirates airline certainly make it one of the best options. Love love love!!!

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  1. November 2, 2013 / 3:26 am

    That looks marvelous! I always travel economy, while spending ridiculous amounts of money on expensive hotels 😛 But business class might be a good idea for my next trip!

    • Round The World Rachel
      November 2, 2013 / 9:11 am

      It’s a hard one to weigh up- You spend a lot more time in a hotel when your on holiday- coming home after a long days shopping or sightseeing to a pillow laden bed with a chocolate on it, is like heaven on earth!

      Then again, a lay flat bed on a 20 hour flight, means you wake up refreshed and ready for the new city!

      Oh to be able to have your cake and eat it too! 😉 One day!!

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