Meet Santa Claus in Lapland, Finland!

Meet Santa Claus in Lapland, Finland!

When I was a kid, I wanted to meet Santa Claus so desperately, I would stay awake as long as I could on Christmas Eve, in the hopes of meeting the big man himself. It never happened. Until now. Cut to “Adult Rachel”, and I was now able to travel halfway around the world to the North Pole, to meet Santa Claus for myself!

Gettting to Lapland Finland

We had actually driven to Rovaniemi, Finland from London, up and over Sweden (and yes, we stopped at the world’s most Northern Ikea, but didn’t buy anything) and crossed the border just an hour or so away from the township.

This was July, mind you, so there was no snow, only perpetual sun. Which made for interesting dinners each night… going to sleep at 10 pm with the sun still blazing was unsettling.

Midnight in the Arctic Circle in Summer
Midnight in the Arctic Circle in Summer- I swear!!

The Santa Claus Village is located within the Arctic Circle, in Lapland, Finland, and is universally known to be the home of Santa Claus. I can only imagine how magical it looks in winter with a dusting of snow!

Looking for alternative Christmas destinations in Europe?

We wandered around the complex. And made sure to visit the North Pole Post Office- the very place all of the letters who get sent to Santa end up! We were able to send postcards to friends and family back home to be delivered in December. Around the post office were letters from children all over the world and Santa’s elves had picked out the best ones to display for all to see!

North Pole Post Office
North Pole Post Office

Meeting Santa at Lapland Finland

There were a lot of families visiting, I can see it being a trip of a lifetime for the little ones! But we looked a bit silly, standing there, two adults, with the immaturity of 10-year-olds, waiting to meet Santa.

Lapland Finland
This idiot.

It was worth it- around 20 minutes in line for a quick 2-3 minute photo session, and 50 Euros for the photo pack… If we had been while a child we would have had a least 10 minutes with Mr Claus. We could hear some kids crying, and others confidently listing to their heart’s desires everything they wanted for Christmas.

You can also get the über touristy picture of the Arctic Circle Line… or Many…!! And they kept reindeer in the paddocks next to the entrance for pictures- but you had to pay 10 Euros for them, and we were poor after giving Santa all of our money, so I don’t have pictures of that! sorry!

Cheesy Arctic Circle Photos.
Cheesy Arctic Circle Photos.

St Nick even has his own website at where you can plan your visit.

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